Artist Statement

I find my passion in being a jewelry artist. Also being a graphic designer, my creativity and inspiration comes from various sources such as being out in nature, my travels and learning new jewelry techniques from other artists. Since college, I have always had an interest in jewelry making - from clay to metal to beads. I have evolved and so has my work.

I design jewelry that is all unique, but also has an underlying theme. Fun, yet sophisticated; colorful, yet inspirational and basic.

As an artist, I am very fortunate to be able to earn my living primarily by being a graphic designer and jewelry artist, both which I love.

In all my art, it's very important to me that I strive for technical excellence and the highest quality of workmanship. I want people to smile when they hold piece of my jewelry and to appreciate my designs and use of color.

I'm happiest when the repeat customer comments on how many compliments she receives on her piece of jewelry.

I am grateful to all the wonderful mentoring people in my life who have encouraged and supported me in my artistic path. Without them, I wouldn't be writing this today.

Thank you.

Kim Lewis

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